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Featured Artist: Majestic Kreations by MK

Lion Cross Stitch Bookmark, Island Fun Cross Stitch Bookmark and
Optical Illusion Cross Stitch Bookmark by MajesticKreations

Artist: Molly Merrell





What inspires you?
My inspiration when creating a scene comes from watching the work morph into this completed picture. Starting out with one page, I usually think that the project can’t possibly end up like it’s supposed to, but when I finish and it looks exactly like it’s supposed to, it makes me feel great to know I made that and can’t wait to start on another one.


Tell us about yourself
I began cross stitching when I was younger, but really began taking it seriously about two years ago.¬†Stitching relaxes me and I love sitting on the couch with my dogs and cats, watching a movie and working on a scene of London or Paris or Rome. Landmarks are my favorite types of scenes to make, especially when I’ve visited the city myself.


Why handmade?
I think handmade is great because it means someone has really put a lot of time and effort into making something beautiful. I don’t think there’s anyone who does handmade who just throws things together, so you know a lot of love has gone into each and every piece.


What do you do besides crafting?
I was an English major in college, so I do a lot of writing. I also like to spend time with my two dogs and four cats, who are all rescues. When I can, I love to travel and have been to nearly every state in the US and a few other countries in Europe.


What is one advice you would give fellow crafters?
Do what you like to do and don’t worry if someone doesn’t like it. I believe if you can imagine it, there’s always a market for it, but you may not find them right away. Don’t give up and don’t worry about what others say. Crafters know how much time and effort goes into creating and they’ll never put another crafter down because of this. Because it takes so much time, you have to make sure you do what you like, otherwise, there won’t be any joy in your projects.


Twin Towers Cross Stitch Bookmark and Cafe Terrace by Night Cross Stitch Bookmark
by MajesticKreations

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