Children’s Accessories by JolynnsHobbyShop

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Muno Camera Buddies by JolynnsHobbyShop

Artist: Johanah Steffesn





Tell us about yourself
I’m SAHM and wife that lives in small town in PA. I loves crafts and creating which is started selling.


What inspires you?
My son and nieces


Why handmade?
Why not handmade? It’s made with love.


What do you do besides crafting?
I’m home body and enjoy baking, movies and reading.


What is one advice you would give fellow crafters?
Patience is key and enjoy what you do.


Kids Monster Pillow | Kids Argyle Brown Bowtie and Rosette Set | Children Artwork Hanger | Girl’s Tutu Dress
by JolynnsHobbyShop

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