Handmade Dresses, Pants and Linen Purses

Featured Artist: Leila Maria Designs

Katy Linen Dress by LeilaMariaDesigns

Maxi 70s Silk Skirt by LeilaMariaDesigns

Artist: Leila Maria

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeilaMariaDesigns


What inspires you?
I creates clothes inspired by the places & stories that have captured my heart from around the world.


Tell us about yourself
Born in Brazil and now living in Australia. Passionate about design from a young age, Leila competed her studies at Senac University, the most prestigious design school in Brazil before gaining industry recognition as a Fashion Stylist & Commentator, working across many high profile publications. Believing that fashion is about feeling good as much as looking good, Leila continued working on her own designs & soon realised her dream of creating her label, Leila Maria.


Why handmade?
My Brazilian heritage breathes life & colour into all my creations. The strength of my garments lie in their innovative design, giving women the freedom to adapt each piece to perfectly suit your body, your size, your mood. When I hand finish each garment it is lovingly constructed from high-quality, vibrant fabrics sourced in Bali that will always feel as good as they look. Inspired, adaptable, spirited.


What do you do besides crafting?
I am also a hairdresser, a nail tech and fashion stylist.


What is one advice you would give fellow crafters?
Follow your dreams, inspiration is all around you, have confidence in yourself and never give up.


Caz Yellow Linen Drawstring Purse and Caz Teal Linen Drawstring Bag by LeilaMariaDesigns

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