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Do you make handmade items like handmade jewelry, handmade soap and other handmade products? Do you have a handmade shop? If you answered yes to both questions, you need to understand handmade marketing.

Handmade Marketing is Important

Selling handmade items is a niche market. Many people have set up a store on Etsy or Artfire but do not know how to go about marketing their handmade products. Handmade marketing is important because you need to get your handmade shop out there, create top of  mind awareness for your brand and stand out from the many other handmade shops that are crowding the market.

Here are some examples of handmade marketing:

  • Buying ads on handmade blogs
  • Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and handmade forums
  • Email ┬ámarketing
  • Pay per click (PPC) campaigns on Google and Bing
  • Product giveaways on handmade blogs
  • Artist and shop features on handmade blogs

Ways to Get Featured on Handmadeables

Handmadeables is always looking for stuff to feature. By getting your name on Handmadeables, we help spread your name out there by linking back to your store. Choose from the following options below. We look forward to featuring you!

  • Store Feature: Answer some questions about yourself and your store. Select some products to feature. Choose to feature your craft room or workshop too. Get featured now!
  • Etsy Treasury Feature: Submit your Etsy Treasury and share your favorites with everyone. Don’t forget, you’ll also get a link back to your store. Submit your Etsy Treasury today!