Handmade Dresses, Pants and Linen Purses

Featured Artist: Leila Maria Designs

Katy Linen Dress by LeilaMariaDesigns Maxi 70s Silk Skirt by LeilaMariaDesigns 

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// ]]> Artist: Leila Maria

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeilaMariaDesigns


What inspires you? I creates clothes inspired by the places & stories that have captured my heart from around the world.


Tell us about yourself Born in [...]

Purse Insert Organizers by DivideAndConquer

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The purse insert organizer must be one of the best inventions ever. These in-bag purse organizers are removable and fit right into your purses, bags and handbags. The purse within a purse organizer inserts usually have pockets that allow you to place your keys, mobile phones, sunglasses, lip [...]

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