Crochet Animals

Saw this book at Barnes and Noble and love how comprehensive it is. It includes all kinds of popular crochet animal patterns like the owl, squirrel, frog, bear, chicken, dog, pig and more! The book is called Amigurimi: Animal Friends and costs only $8.95 when I last checked. Such a good deal for so many […]

Crochet Heart Pattern and Crochet Hearts

Crochet hearts are one of the number one patterns that crocheters need to have. Here is a compilation of my favorite crochet heart patterns.

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Saw this on Belle Amour. It’s so pretty! Although it’s not a pattern, I thought I would share it with you. You can buy these crochet hearts […]

Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

// // Infinity scarves are so popular right now and I’m sure many are wanting to crochet some infinity scarves. Here is a compilation of crochet infinity scarf patterns. Make some infinity scarves to go with women’s leather jackets, cardigans, sweaters, pea coats and sweater dresses.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern by DarlingDerriere This infinity […]

Lace Boot Socks

If you’re a boots person – whether women’s black leather boots, brown leather boots or tan leather boots, you absolutely need these pretty lace boot socks to go with them. I’ve noticed many of these lace boot socks selling on Etsy and decided to create this wish list of lace boot socks. Grab some knee […]

Crochet Slipper Patterns – Best of Pinterest

I was looking for crochet slipper patterns and thought: What better place to look for them than on Pinterest! So here’s my compilation of the popular crochet slipper patterns on Pinterest.

Crochet Slipper Pattern by Bonny Smith This crochet slipper pattern are super easy, comfortable and cute. The crochet slipper pattern […]

Miss Molly Boot Socks

I came across these Miss Molly Boot Socks on Pinterest and absolutely love them! GraceandLaceCo makes these women’s boot socks that are simply adorable and perfect for fall and winter. Pair these handmade boot socks off with ballerina flats, mary jane flats, desert wedges, stiletto heals or under your leather boots.

// // Off White […]

Flower Headbands for Women

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Flower headbands are the rage these days. Personally, I have one myself. And I LOVE wearing it. Many people buy these headbands with flowers for weddings, but who says we can’t accessorize everyday? I have compiled a list of my favorite flower headbands on Etsy. If you are the […]

Crochet Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

The sock monkey is a toy that is made from socks and made to look like a monkey. The sock monkey originated from the Victorian era and is a popular toy among the handmade and craft community.

Here is a compilation of sock monkey hat patterns for the sock monkey fanatics. They come in various […]

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Crochet owl hats is another popular crochet hat besides giraffes. This is a great gift idea for babies, toddlers and adults alike. Make your own crochet owl hats with this compilation of crochet owl hat patterns.

// // Crochet Owl Hat Pattern by CrochetForTheWeeOnes Sizes for the crochet owl hat pattern includes 0-3 months, 3-6 […]

Star Wars Crochet Patterns

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lucyravenscar resides in the United Kingdom and enjoys science fiction and fantasy. In her Etsy store she sells various Star Wars crochet patterns of the popular Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vadar, Chewbacca and many others. These Star Wars crochet patterns are all original by lucyravenscar.

// // Star Wars Crochet Patterns […]

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