Crochet Animals

Saw this book at Barnes and Noble and love how comprehensive it is. It includes all kinds of popular crochet animal patterns like the owl, squirrel, frog, bear, chicken, dog, pig and more! The book is called Amigurimi: Animal Friends and costs only $8.95 when I last checked. Such a good deal for so many [...]

Crochet Heart Pattern and Crochet Hearts

Crochet hearts are one of the number one patterns that crocheters need to have. Here is a compilation of my favorite crochet heart patterns.

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Saw this on Belle Amour. It’s so pretty! Although it’s not a pattern, I thought I would share it with you. You can buy these crochet [...]

Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

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// ]]>Infinity scarves are so popular right now and I’m sure many are wanting to crochet some infinity scarves. Here is a compilation of crochet infinity scarf patterns. Make some infinity scarves to go with women’s leather jackets, cardigans, sweaters, pea coats and sweater dresses.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern by DarlingDerriere This [...]

Crochet Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

The sock monkey is a toy that is made from socks and made to look like a monkey. The sock monkey originated from the Victorian era and is a popular toy among the handmade and craft community.

Here is a compilation of sock monkey hat patterns for the sock monkey fanatics. They come in various [...]

How to Make a Wrapped Loop

Here are some simple instructions on how to make a wrapped loop with wire, headpins and eye pins. Personally, I prefer using wrapped loops when I make jewelry because they are more secure compared to a simple loop. Wrapped loops can be used to finish earrings, create links or dangle a pendant from a chain. [...]

How to Make a Simple Loop

These video tutorials will teach you how to make a simple loop with wire for your earrings, necklaces and other types of jewelry. With this simple technique, you can start a jewelry business and start making some money. A simple loop is the most basic of wire-working techniques. You can create a simple loop with [...]

Crochet Giraffe Hat Pattern

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// ]]> I was looking at baby beanie hats on Etsy and came across some crochet giraffe hat patterns that were just adorable. So I decided to compile a list of crochet giraffe hat patterns for those that love giraffes. Crochet giraffe hats on babies are always adorable. Why not crochet a baby [...]

How to Make a Bird’s Nest Pendant Tutorial

We covered some ways on how to make a bird’s nest ring previously. For those who want to learn how to make a bird’s nest pendant, we found some other videos and instructions for you to try your hands on. The tutorial on how to make a bird’s nest pendant is slightly different from that [...]

How to Make a Bird’s Nest Ring Tutorial

Robin's Nest Ring by starrydesigns

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The first bird’s nest rings I saw were on Etsy back in 2006. There were really popular back then, being first on Etsy’s Top 100 Items list. Over the years, the number of bird’s nest ring makers have grown and there are many [...]

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